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Rutendo Tavengerwei

Rutendo Tavengerwei is a Zimbabwean born writer, who has lived in several countries till now and is an international trade lawyer by profession. Rutendo’s debut novel Hope is Our Only Wing was published in May 2018 by Bonnier Zaffre in the UK where it was nominated for the Carnegie Medal. It was also published in Brazil where it was a bestseller, and will also be released in the US in September 2019. Currently, Rutendo is awaiting the launch of her second novel, The Colours That Blind which will be released in the UK in June 2019. One of her greatest influences in writing remains her father, who tutored Rutendo from the age of nine, teaching her how to write and how to play around with language when telling a story. According to Rutendo, ‘Writing is more than just story-telling for me. It’s a way to protest against injustices, a way to encourage and a way to provoke thought and inspire’. @ruruwrites 

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