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Amalia Rosenblum

Amalia Rosenblum is an award-winning writer and a psychologist. Amalia has a PhD in Psychology from the New School University in NYC, where she lived for over a decade, and she is a leading couples therapist in Tel Aviv, the author of the nation’s most popular relationship blog appearing weekly on the prestigious Ha’aretz Daily Newspaper website. Amalia’s Young Adult novels have been translated into German, Italian and Chinese. Her non-fiction book on the way contemporary Hebrew reflected subconscious conflicts endured by Israeli society was a best-seller in Israel. In addition, Amalia co-wrote two scripted innovative TV series that aired on Israel Channel 2 and 10, and has recently directed “Memory Agents”, a documentary about her father.  Amalia’s upcoming novel, a psychological journey in the footsteps of an author who is willing to sell his soul to the devil in order to regain his fame, is due September, 2019 by Keter, Israel. She is currently deep into co-writing a  non-fiction book about handling and surviving separation and divorce.


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